September Birthstone Spotlight: All About Sapphire Gemstones
Posted On : 13 Sep

In the heart of the earth breathes a treasure box of wonders in which lies a gem that is the core essence of magnificence and enchantment - the sapphire gemstone, birthstone for the month of September. The stone bears forgotten secrets of faraway galaxies. The gem is more than just a jewel - it is a realm to the world of healing powers.

Known for its mesmerizing blue shades, this gemstone has been savored by humans for decades and showcases a distinct blend of durability, timeless beauty, and rarity. Apart from the aesthetic appeal that the sapphire stone inculcates, it also possesses symbolism of spiritual growth, wisdom, and transformation. In this article, we will dive deep into the oceanic blues of the September birthstone.

The Meaning of September Birthstone

The word sapphire for the gemstone is derived from ancient languages. It comes from the Greek word "sappheiros", which basically refers to a different kind of blue gemstone, most probably Lapis Lazuli. The exact origin of the word is still a bit uncertain and has been passed through various languages in cultures over decades.

Sapphire is a variety of mineral corundum, and is known for its enchanting physical characteristics.

  • Color: While the classic color that is exhibited by sapphire gemstone is blue it can also come in a variety of other colors including pink, purple,orange, and green.

  • Hardness: Sapphire is said to be one of the hardest gemstones and ranks 9 on Mohs scale of hardness which is just below the Diamond. This characteristic of the gemstone makes it highly durable and therefore could be worn everyday.

  • Clarity: Sapphire might have some kind of imperfections or inclusions which are generally internal in nature. Such inclusions might affect the overall transparency that is exhibited by the stone and also the overall value of it. Sometimes, sapphire stones form a star-like pattern which is visible under certain lighting conditions and is known as asterism. These types of Sapphires are often called Lindy Star Sapphire Stones.

  • Transparency: Sapphire gemstones that are highly valued and are of a good quality are typically translucent or transparent. The more transparency,the more valuable the sapphire is.

Sapphire History

The history of sapphire gemstone travels through a large period of time with various cultures and civilizations embedded in its journey. Persians during the ancient times believed that the Earth rests on a giant sapphire and therefore imparts a peaceful blue color to the sky. On the other hand, the Greeks have always seen this beautiful blue gemstone as a symbol of wisdom and protection against any negative energy, especially envy and jealousy.

During the middle ages clergymen were usually seen donning sapphire jewelry and knights used to wear them to ensure favor and good luck in their battles. The stone also found its way into royal ornaments and jewelry. We can therefore say that the stone is equipped with a rich history that moves across various cultures and is still cherished and adored by many for its metaphysical healing properties and the visual appeal.

What Are Different Types of Sapphire Gemstone?

Major types of sapphire gemstones are:

  • Blue Sapphire: The most popular and sought-after variety of sapphire is blue. Its hues range from pale to deep, velvety blue.

  • Yellow Sapphire: The hues of yellow sapphires range from soft lemon to vivid golden. They are well-liked for their cheery appearance.

  • Padparadscha Sapphire: The rare and highly sought-after Padparadscha sapphire is distinguished by its pinkish-orange to orangish-pink hue. Because lotus blossoms have a similar color, the name "Padparadscha" is derived from the Sinhalese term for them.

  • Pink Sapphire: The hues of pink sapphires can range from soft pastel pinks to vibrant, intense pinks. They are renowned for their allure as feminine and romantic.

  • Green Sapphire: The color of a green sapphire can range from a bright minty green to a dark forest green. Despite being less popular than other colors, they are valued for their distinctive and organic appearance. Characteristics of Sapphire Gemstone

Where are High Quality Sapphire Stones Found?

Sapphires are found all throughout the world, and each region produces stones with distinctive characteristics. Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon, has long been a thriving supplier of sapphires, which are prized for their stunning blue colors. Kashmir in India's Himalayan area, in particular, is renowned for producing sapphires with incomparable velvety blue hues.

Some of the most sought-after sapphires in the world, famed for their deep, rich color, have also come from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Other major producers of sapphires that offer stones in a variety of hues and grades are Madagascar, Thailand, and Australia. Sapphires are a genuinely international treasure because each origin contributes a new chapter to the history of this prized gemstone.

Healing Benefits of Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphire gemstone has been connected to various benefits pertaining to healing and beyond. Let us look at some of the major ones.

Physical Healing Benefits

  • Since the gemstone is connected to throat chakra, it helps in supporting the health of vocal cords and throats and can also help in getting relief from the issues related to soreness of the throat.

  • Sapphire is also said to have a positive impact on eye health and may render relief from eye discomfort or strain.

  • Sapphire has also been used in historical practices to reduce fever and inflammation.

  • Sapphire is also said to have a coming effect on the nervous system and helps in reducing stress.

Emotional and Metaphysical Healing Benefits

  • The stone is known to improve mental clarity and focus.

  • Sapphire is considered the stone of spiritual insight and awakening. It helps in rendering a connection to higher consciousness.

  • Many sapphire stones are known for improving communication skills and rendering a sense of confidence and self expression in the wearer.

  • Historically these gemstones were seen as rendering a protective realm and keeping all sorts of negative energies at bay.

  • Many practitioners use sapphire gemstone for balancing the chakras, specially the third eye and throat chakras.

Sapphire Care Tips

No matter the hardness and durability of a gemstone, taking care of it is pretty much essential for maintaining its brilliance and longevity. Here are some sapphire care tips that you should inculcate on a regular basis:

  • Regular Cleaning: First and foremost, it is very important to regularly clean your sapphire gemstone. One of the easiest ways to gently clean the stone with warm soap water. After that one can rinse the stone by running it through tap water and then clean it with the soft cloth.

  • Keep Harsh Chemicals Away: it is advised not to use any Harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners, kitchen cleaners or other household cleaners on the stone as it could tarnish it.

  • Storage: if you are not wearing your sapphire jewelry, you need to store it properly in a separate jewelry box or a soft pouch to prevent it from coming into contact with other jewelry pieces as it can lead to scratches.

  • Say No To Extreme Temperatures: Sudden changes in the temperature might lead to fractures in the stone. Therefore it is always advised to remove sapphire jewelry if you are engaging in activities that include hot water like saunas or hot tubs.

  • Regular Inspections: Lastly, it is very important to get your sapphire jewelry inspected by a professional jeweler on a regular basis to check the signs of wear and tear. Even though sapphires are durable, they can still be cracked if subjected to strong impacts. Therefore it is advised to handle the stones with care.

Final Thoughts on the September Gemstone

Sapphire is said to be one of the most enchanting in beautiful gemstones and can be used in various forms of jewelry, like Sapphire rings, Sapphire necklace, Sapphire earrings. are also many uses of sapphire gemstone in practices of meditation and breathwork. This stone is not just for the people who are born in September, but can render huge benefits in general.

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