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Buy Lapis Lazuli Stones Online at CabochonsForSale

Lapis lazuli gemstone is as vivid in its healing benefits as it is in its color. The stone has captivated humans for thousands of years and is celebrated for its vibrant blue hue, with specks of golden and white calcite. The stone has been treasured since ancient times for its versatility and beauty. 

In this article, we will dive deep into all the whims and fancies that this beautiful stone beholds. 

What is the Meaning of Lapis Lazuli ? 

The words lapis and lazuli have their origins in Latin and Persian, taking into account the historical significance that the stone beholds. The word lapis is said to be the Latin for 'rock' or 'stone'. On the other hand the word lazuli comes from the Persian word 'lajvard' ,which is the hint on the deep blue color of the stone. 

As far as the symbolism of the stone goes, it is known for rendering peace and harmony, inculcating wisdom and knowledge, and improving the expression and communication in people. 

What Does a Lapis Lazuli Stone Look Like? 

The vibrant blue stone exhibits a lot of distinct characteristics in features. 

  • Color: lapis lazuli gemstone is known for its vivid and vibrant blue shade. The colors of the stone can range from deep royal blue or Prussian blue to lighter shades of blue. Many of the stones also have little specks of gold or white calcite.
  • Inclusions: as mentioned above the stone white contains little specks of gold or white calcite. These inclusions can vary as per the quantity and distribution within the stone, giving each of it a unique and distinct appearance.
  • Transparency: the stone is often opaque in nature which means that you cannot see through the stone. It also exhibits a smooth structure when used in jewelry or ornaments but is found in rough forms as well.
  • Size: the stone is available in all kinds of sizes ranging from small beads that are used in jewelry to larger pieces that are used in ornamental and decorative objects.
  • Shape: the various shapes in sizes of the stone depends on how it is to be used and cut. When it comes to lapis lazuli jewelry pieces, it is cut into cabochons for rings, earrings and pendants. 

Where Are High-Quality Lapis Lazuli Stones Found?

Lapis lazuli gemstone can be found primarily in a few locations across the world. One of the most popular and historical sources of lapis lazuli gemstone is in Afghanistan - Badakhshan province. The mines of this region are known to have been producing the stone for thousands of years now and I said to be of the highest quality. Another location where the stone is found is the Andes Mountains in Chile. The lapis lazuli of this region is known for its deep blue hue. Other locations include Sar-e-Sang deposit in Russia, Balochistan in Pakistan, Myanmar, Canada, United States, and Angola. The quality of the gemstone varies as per the location it is sourced from. 

What Are Some Types of Lapis Lazuli Stone?

There are no particular distinctions or types that lapis lazuli is classified into. One of the most usual classification is on the basis of the color that the stone exhibits. 

Pink Lapis Lazuli: Apart from the remarkable shades of blue that the stone showcases, there was a certain trend in the market to dye lapis lazuli into shades of pink. 

Blue Lapis Lazuli: this kind of lapis lazuli is the maximum natural and unique form of the stone. The deeper and vibrant the shade of blue of the stone, the higher its value. It can also be called Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone

Other variations can also be in the form of the locations where the stone is found or produced.

How do I Use a Lapis Lazuli Stone?

Lapis lazuli is a very versatile stone and has been used in various ways due to its aesthetic appeal and significance in cultural forms. One of the most useful ways of lapis lazuli is to use it in jewelry - lapis lazuli rings, lapis lazuli earrings, lapis lazuli pendants, or necklaces, all have when used widely across the world for its beauty and healing benefits. Some other good stones to be paired up with Lapis Lazuli include Labradorite and Turquoise

The stone has also shown a lot of significance in making ornamental pieces, furniture, etc. 

What is the History of Lapis Lazuli Stone?

The stone is infused with rich history that dates back to thousands of years and has been a part of many cultures in different time periods. Lapis lazuli gemstone was used by Babylonians and Sumerians in the 4th millennium BCE to make the blue pigment for art and cosmetic purposes. In ancient Egypt the stone was profusely used in jewelry ornaments and burial objects. It was highly priced by royalty and was believed to have protective and mystical healing properties. The modern day Iran, which was anciently known as Persia held high regards for the stone as it was used in amulets seals and jewelry and even to create tiles and delicate mosaics. Even today the stone is used in the formation of different art pieces in jewelry and the aesthetic and historic appeal of the stone has continued to make it a popular choice for many. 

What are the Benefits of Lapis Lazuli ?

Lapis lazuli gemstone is equipped with a number of physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing benefits, making this stone an all rounder for many. 

Physical Healing Properties

  • The stone is known to have benefits in relieving the pain especially with headaches and migraines.
  • The stone is known to have calming effects on the circulation system and also helps in regulating the blood pressure and improving the blood flow.
  • Since the stone is related to throat chakra, it also renders benefits in respiratory and throat related issues. 
  • Lapis lazuli gemstone also gives immense support to the immune system and also helps in the detoxification of the body. 

Emotional Healing Properties

  • The stone aids in enhancing the communication skills in both written and verbal forms. 
  • Lapis lazuli gemstone brings a sense of inner peace and calm and helps in promoting a harmonious state of mind.
  • Stone is very closely associated with creativity and inspiration, helping people to tap in their potential.
  • The stone is also known to boost confidence and self esteem in people.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • As stated above, lapis lazuli stone is connected to throat chakra which is related to self expression and communication. 
  • The stone is also known for stimulating the third eye chakra, which leads to better intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness.
  • The stone is known for balancing the energy within the body, creating a desired balance between emotional mental and physical aspects. 

How to Take Care of Your Lapis Lazuli Stone

This blue gemstone is a beautiful and astonishing gemstone with high end lapis lazuli healing properties. Therefore it is very crucial to regularly clean and charge your gemstone for it to work and function effectively. To clean the stone one can use gentle cleanser or mild soap water to soak the stone for sometime. After that one can gently wipe them with soft linen or microfiber cloth. It is advised to not use any harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners on the stones as it can be too harsh and can cause damage. 

When it comes to charging lapis lazuli stone it is pretty easy. You just have to put the stone under moonlight or in a bowl of salt and voila! The stone is now free from all negative energies that it has absorbed. 

Where to Buy Lapis Lazuli Stone Online?

As we have read above, lapis lazuli gemstone is one charm that you need to inculcate in your life for all its healing and mystical benefits. If you are wondering where you can buy lapis lazuli gemstones, then look no further than CabochonsForSale. We provide high quality lapis lazuli gemstones at wholesale prices.