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Gemstone Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli - Stone of the gods

This stone’s name has been derived from the Latin word "lapis," meaning stone, and another Persian word, "lazhward," meaning blue. Together, when formed, they give us our stone, lapis lazuli. In other languages, it is also known as the "stone of heaven" or the "stone of the gods".

By the end of this page, we bet you'll fall in love with the lapis lazuli gemstone.


This semi-precious stone is a rich and lush blue stone with streaks of gold surfacing on the top. It looks like you've captured the beautiful sky at dawn in stone forever. It consists of many minerals, like calcite, deep blue lazurite, cloudy white, and many more. This stone is slightly translucent to opaque. When it is nicely polished, it has a very rich luster. The stone is somewhat semi-translucent to opaque and hence is sometimes confused as a crystal gemstone.

Usually, you can find this stone carved into beautiful shapes by a sculptor. One of the most stunning and loved is the lapis lazuli moon carving stone.


You can use this beautiful stone in jewelry, but only as necklaces and chokers. Using Lapis Lazuli as a ring or a bracelet can hamper the quality of the stone. When used as a necklace or choker, the stone must be less damaged and well maintained.One can get it carved as a talisman and carry it around in their pockets and purses.


Afghanistan has been a prominent supplier of the lapis lazuli stone for a long time. Earlier, it was only mined there. Over the period of them, it was mined in some other countries as well, like Russia, Pakistan, Myanmar, India, Iraq, South Africa, the United States, and Canada.


The benefits of this wisdom stone are worth knowing about. The stone helps you enhance your spirit, mind, and body. The stone helps release all the stress right away and induces a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Let's have a look at lapis lazuli's benefits.

Physical healing properties

It can help you ease pain in areas like the head, neck, and shoulders. It helps you get a proper and maintained blood pressure level. It is believed to help with depression and anxiety issues. People with vertigo and insomnia can look to this stone for some relief.

Emotional healing properties

Troubling with psychic and anxiety attacks? Well, say goodbye to those when you get your hands on this amazing stone.

It provides you with mental clarity, which in turn leads to creative thinking. It eliminates all kinds of negative energies from your mind and creates more room for the positive ones. This stone is your best friend if lately you’ve been overwhelmed with things.

Let's have a look at lapis lazuli’s benefits in astrology.

This stone provides you with protection against the negative impacts of the planets Saturn and Rahu. It induces more happiness in your family and keeps you away from any eye-related diseases.


Lapis lazuli is a rather soft stone and hence must be handled with extra care. The stone should be kept off any hard surface. The stone must be kept on a smooth and scratch-free surface. Since it's a soft stone, it is easier for the stone to get scratches.

During any kind of sporty or athletic activity, remember to take off your stone jewelry. Never go to sleep wearing your jewelry.

The cleaning process for this stone is pretty simple. Use only mild soap and water to clean your stone. You can simply clean your stone with a damp cloth.


This was all the information that you needed to get your hands on this alluring stone as soon as possible. CabochonsforSale is your next-door gemstone wholesale manufacturer. Name the stone, and we’ll be there, presenting you with the best quality at the best prices. There is no room for complaints or disappointments. Shop now.


1. How to differentiate between a fake and a real Lapis Lazuli stone?

One of the most widely faked and sold stones is lapis lazuli. Apart from some tests, only a keen eye can differentiate between a real and a fake one.
There are a few tests that one can conduct to check. A simple acetone swab test can be enough in the case of a synthetically dyed stone. When you place the acetone-dipped swab on the stone, you can see the color chipping off. That’s your fake stone right there.
Just an acetone test might not be enough in the case of other stones. If you have a shady feeling about the stone being fake, do a heat test. Sometimes the stones are coated in wax and then dyed beneath. A heat test would melt off the wax and can tell you about the originality of the stone.

2. Is sapphire and Lapis Lazuli the same?

No, the two stones are very different from one another. Lapis lazuli comes with golden streak inclusions, whereas sapphire doesn’t. Both the stones differ on the basis of their cut and prices. They differ in terms of their transparency levels, too. Lapis lazuli falls between being semi-transparent and opaque, and sapphires fall between being mostly transparent.

3. What is lapis usually cut into?

Lapis lazuli is usually cut into inlays, tablets, cabochons or beads.

4. How much is lapis lazuli priced at?

The price of the stone depends on many factors, like its cut, clarity, color, and carat. The price of the stone, depending on these factors, can vary in a range of $10 to $40. More or less, it also depends on the buyer you are purchasing it from. If you are buying it from a wholesaler like us, then you are looking at getting great stones at great prices.

5. Is lapis lazuli a birthstone?

Yes, lapis lazuli can be considered as a December birthstone. But later, zircon replaced the stone as a December birthstone. So, now the stones named as December birthstones are zircon, turquoise, and tanzanite.

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