March Birthstone - Aquamarine Is The Gemstone To Buy
Posted On : 06 Jun

Are you a March-born then this attractive aquamarine is your March gemstone, which is extremely unique! This gemstone will remind you of the peaceful beauty of the ocean, with its gentle blue tones and mild green undertones. The definition of "aquamarine" explains this gemstone's beauty perfectly. Its origins are in the Latin words "aqua," which means water, and "marina," which means sea.

With its long history of being worn on royal fingers and inspiring legends for centuries, aquamarine stone has a rich past. Because they thought it contained the essence of the sea god Neptune, ancient Egyptians connected it to the life-giving Nile. When sailing, the Romans would wear talismans made of aquamarine as protection, and where Seafarers thought it guaranteed safe passage and calmed stormy seas. 

Since aquamarine birthstone is associated with calm, peace, and effective communication in many cultures, it is a treasured gift for promoting harmony and understanding


Advantages of Owning a Aquamarine Gemstone 

The benefits of owning an aquamarine gemstone go beyond looks. This gem might be a great addition to your collection for the following reasons:

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1. Symbolism and Significance

For centuries, aquamarine birthstone has been connected to positive attributes as it stands for bravery, joy, and discernment. Certain cultures even held the belief that it could improve intellectual ability and emotional harmony.


2. Birthstone Power

The lucky gemstone for people born in March is an aquamarine birthstone! It is thought that it brings prosperity and optimistic energy upon those born under this month's sign. In addition, it is customarily associated with the 19th wedding anniversary, signifying unwavering devotion and love.


3. A Hint of Peacefulness

Apart from other things, everyone knows how restful and serene aquamarine stone light blue shades are. However much pressure or confusion you may be under, this jewel can make you feel at ease and calm.


4. Versatility paired with beauty

From clear pale blues all through varying shades towards deep tales which have hints of green underneath; there exists an array so wide for aquamarines that you are sure to find one perfect for yourself based on individual tastes or preferences.


5. Durability

Aquamarine stones are relatively hard gemstones registering between 7.5 – .Widthwise, it’s possible for them not to lose their shine for quite some time if handled correctly thus serving as an object of beauty for a very long period.


Why is Aquamarine Popular?

The popularity of aquamarine is not an extremely recent phenomenon, learn about 10 fascinating facts about aquamarine gemstone and get your mind blown. Why this gemstone has remained a classic favourite is as follows:

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1. Rich Traditions

Aquamarine has been admired by many cultures for ages. While the Romans wore it as talismans for safe sea travel, the ancient Egyptians connected it to the Nile River. The gemstone gains some mysterious qualities from its rich past.


2. The endorsement of celebrities

For a long time, people of the upper class have been wearing aquamarine rings on their fingers and necks. The gemstone's appeal is increased by this star power.


3. Investment Potential

Over time, fine aquamarine gemstones may increase in value or even hold their current value. They could therefore be a prudent investment for collectors.


4. Fits with Everything

The cool blue tones of aquamarine go well with a wide range of metals,designs and other gemstones, from Citrine to Pearl, from traditional silver to contemporary platinum. It is a fantastic option for daily wear because of its versatility.


Why Pick for Aquamarine, Your March Gemstone?

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Accept the Enchantment of Aquamarine

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Whether you want a peace sign, or celebrating your birthday in March, or just love the captivating beauty of this gemstone– aquamarine gemstone has something for everyone. Its enthralling history, cheerful significance, and stunning appearance will surely make it a priceless part of your collection forever. When it comes to aquamarines, look no further than These guys have everything: variety, quality, affordability – you name it. 

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The versatility of aquamarine makes it an ideal preference for current jewelry.  Modern cuts and settings highlight the stone's clarity, developing portions that can be worn each day. Whether you select a complicated, classic look or an amusing, unfashionable vibe, aquamarine complements loads of styles.  The cool tones of the gemstone pair superbly with silver, white gold, and platinum.

So, the next time you gaze upon the captivating blues and green of the sea, recollect the captivating aquamarine gemstone.  A treasure born of fire and water, steeped in history and symbolism, it offers a glimpse of the ocean's magic, forever preserved in an astonishing stoneAquamarine will become a treasured addition to your life, whether you wear it as a symbol of affection or for its beauty. Get more information about this stone by clicking on How to tell if Aquamarine is real?


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. From where the word "aquamarine" has derived?


The Latin phrases “aqua" (water) and "marina" (of the ocean) are the birthplace of the name aquamarine. 


2. Is aquamarine considered a March birthstone?


Yes, aquamarine is considered a March birthstone.


3. What are some benefits of owning aquamarine stone? 


Gemstones like aquamarine signify courage, happiness and peace among others. It also comes in various beautiful shades and is long-lasting too.


4. Why is aquamarine so popular? 


The popularity of aquamarine can be associated with its rich history and compatibility with different types of jewelry.


5. Where can I buy good quality aquamarine at affordable rates? provides various types of gemstones including aquamarines which they sell at fair prices that are competitive in the market.